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Hi, my name is Maria Baranyai, the founder of Golden Plate Photography. I am a food and restaurant photographer as well as a recipe developer and food stylist in the Netherlands. I fell in love with food photography, when I started my first food blog in 2018 and created all my photos for the recipes myself. Since then, this hobby turned into a profession of mine, won multiple awards by Foodelia, have been featured in the biggest printed vegan magazine of the US, Thrive magazine.

My main goal is to represent food in its very best and make everyone hungry only by looking at the pictures. Almost being able to smell and taste it. As a recipe developer, I love to put this in practice as well. I provide recipes on my Instagram account and blog, that you can cook or bake easily with a flavourful experience in every single bite. My style is always to share colourful meals with all the great textures to showcase.

This is what I would love to bring to you business, brand or restaurant as well. If you want to work with me, I can offer several services for your business. Such as:

For restaurants:
- Food photography
- Content creating for social

For brands:
- Recipe development
- Content creating for social
- Food photography for future and existing content
- Product photography

Let's get in touch!


Check out my profile on FOODELIA.

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