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Poppyseed and Cherry Cake

The preparation of a cake - from the messy table to the beautiful cake.

My final project of the Signature e-course by Kimberly Espinel.

As a food photographer, I want to tell you a story with my projects. I would like to show you the messy table top just before we start on our cake, how the baking process is going, when we assemble our beautiful creation. 

All the small details, what lead us to this amazing and delicious cake. I enjoy to photograph all these simple (sometimes difficult) moments. 

This layered poppyseed and cherry cake was a big project of mine as my final assignment for Kimberly Espinel's (The Little Plantation) signature e-course. It was the best online food photography and styling course I have ever had.

We were creating our mood boards, planning the photoshoot, thinking about angles, colours, styles, what do we want to show in our project, etc. It was an eye-opening and wonderful challenge!

My main goal was to create triadic colour combination with red, green, and yellow, with a moody dark vibe. All the shades I have planned are more toned down and on a cooler side. I also wanted to make it cozy with a little bit of messiness in the creating process. In the end I wanted an elegantly presented cake, what we can imagine at a cozy home wedding, or celebrating an other beautiful occasion. 

Now, I would like to invite YOU to give yourself a challenge: be your own client, create your own moadboard, have your shot-list, take photos and be proud of your own projcet for yourself. 


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